The Best of Bioenergy 2014

Heath Barker a Process Engineer from Wiley will be presenting at the upcoming 2014 Bioenergy Australia Conference in Adelaide. Heath’s presentation, entitled Biogas Recovery: Solving the Challenges of Waste, Production and Energy, will explore a case study in biogas recovery and it’s industrial application for the manufacturing sector. Covering a range of topics including: project and risk management, facility analysis, waste streams, energy production, accessing grants and optimising process outcomes, Heath will be exploring the successes of the AJ Bush biogas recovery project

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180 experts from around Australia and overseas will be meeting in Adelaide 1-2 December to share knowledge about an emerging low carbon energy source – bioenergy.  They will discuss the latest developments in sourcing our future energy and materials from biomass – agricultural and forestry wastes, algae, animal manure and a large fraction of the urban waste stream.

The world currently sources around 10% of its energy needs from biomass, a form of indirect solar energy.  However, this source of energy is largely overlooked in Australia.  The aim of the conference is to highlight biomass for heat, power, fuels and chemicals, and how this can be economically deployed. Australia’s participation in the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy program will also form part of the discussion, and how such international knowledge and experience can be bought to bear in the Australian energy economy.


For more details on the event including the Conference Program, trade exhibition and local site tours see here –


Bioenergy Australia is an information and networking forum, originally formed by a group of Federal Government organisations in 1997.  It currently has some 55 member organisations from several sectors, including the federal and state governments, the private sector, industry associations and universities.   Bioenergy Australia acts as a forum to ensure ongoing recognition of biomass in Government agendas and initiatives and to facilitate the development of sustainable bioenergy and biomass industries in Australia.


Bioenergy Australia facilitates Australia’s involvement in bioenergy activities on the international scene as it sponsors involvement in the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Program (‘IEA Bioenergy’.  For more details on these activities see – and