Team Exactio Win Wiley Genesis Award


Wiley Genesis Award

A team of scientists and researchers from QUT will be working with Wiley to help boost global food production with duckweed.

Team Exatio from QUT was one of six finalists in the Global Business Challenge who pitched their food production innovations to Wiley with the hope of securing $100,000 in kind of professional support to commercialise their idea.

Managing Director Tom Wiley congratulated the QUT team on securing the Wiley Genesis Award to help produce and commercialise the lemna aquatic plant (duckweed) as a sustainable high-yield and high-value food source for intensive animal and fish farming.

“We were incredibly impressed by all of the teams who pitched their ideas, but the QUT entry really stood out for its research and ingenuity,” he said.

“Team Exatio has developed a new food source for agriculture and aquaculture and addressed a number of key challenges facing global food production, including water quality and land availability.”

“We look forward to working with the team to bring their idea to life.”

Wiley specialises in food engineering, design and delivery and has long-championed innovation to increase sustainable food production.

Wiley Genesis Award