Wiley engineers in Frankfurt to bring future meat technology to Australia

Wiley are set to attend IFFA, the most important trade fair in the global meat industry.

A group of senior engineers from our Queensland offices will represent Wiley at the six-day event in Frankfurt, which is held every three years.

The group will join more than 60,000 trade visitors from over 140 countries at the event to meet, connect and learn about new technologies and trends.

Australia is among the world’s largest and most efficient producers of commercial livestock. We are the world’s largest exporter of mutton, the second largest exporter of lamb and the third largest exporter of beef (source: Meat and Livestock Australia).

Mr Arthur Seiler, one of Wiley’s foremost food manufacturing specialists said: “the best and latest ideas and innovations are on show at IFFA 2016, making it a must-attend event. We are very keen to discover what’s new and emerging in the meat industry so we can partner with our clients to deliver future focused solutions that will stand the test of time,” he said.

“Our job is to design, build and maintain food manufacturing processes and facilities, but our purpose is to connect food and people in a better way, ensuring our global food security into the future.”

“The meat sector has long been a pillar of Australian industry and our culture. To further this legacy and to meet burgeoning global demand, it’s essential we embrace the latest in technology at this year’s IFFA event,” Mr Seiler said.

Interested in following the event? Stay tuned to our website for updates.

If you are are at IFFA and wish to connect with us, please contact Arthur, Michael or Beau on 1300 385 988 or from their LinkedIn profiles below.

Arthur Seiler MichaelMatthewson_round Beau Taylor Wiley IFFA
Arthur Seiler
Project Manager – Engineering
Michael Matthewson
Business Operation Manager – Toowoomba
Beau Taylor
Senior Process Engineer
2013 IFFA

2013 IFFA Exhibition Hall, Meat Processing