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Client: MLA - Meat & Livestock Australia
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Project Description

Wiley has been working with MLA for several years to deliver industry-leading insights, research and world-first technological developments.

Solar and battery technology for food production facilities

Wiley in-house food industry financial experts are constantly on the lookout for ways to transform business models for greater efficiencies. Green technology is one of the most promising tools at our disposal to cut costs and enhance sustainability.

In partnership with MLA, Wiley performed research into the viability of solar battery solutions for the red meat industry. This investigation included the development of a solar facility simulator, ex-ante cost benefit analyses and consultation with solar industry experts.  While it was found that the financial returns from large scale batteries aren’t yet ready for the industry’s commercial applications, solar energy is a strong business proposition for the red meat industry and one which Wiley is excited to bring to Australian red meat.

Innovative dried meat product market research

Dried meat products are one of the most promising areas of innovation for Australian red meat producers. These products are called “value added” products, meaning they compete in different markets to the commodity meat products.  Value added products enable red meat industry members to achieve greater returns, access new markets and enhance long term stability.

Our consumer marketing and product specialists worked with MLA to investigate the best solutions for Australian red meat producers to help enhance return, accelerate growth and reach a whole new international audience.

Augmented reality for meat grading

In partnership with MLA, Wiley performed the first research into augmented reality for meat grading.  Our concept enhances the capabilities of experienced meat graders with computer vision technology; presenting information directly in the field of view of the user.

Wiley and MLA have partnered to perform four projects in this exciting field.  Wiley meat industry specialists look forward to accelerating the delivery of powerful technologies, such as the augmented reality meat grading platform.