Stakeholder engagement essential to success of Brisbane Markets project

There is no letup in activity at Brisbane Markets new roof works with these latest photos giving us our first real impression of what life under the roof will look like.

“The change for the vendors whose stalls now sit under the shelter of the new structure is remarkable.” Said Wiley Senior Project Manager Barry Murphy, “though I am very aware of the vendors whose stalls are yet to be covered; all I can say is we are working as fast as we can.”

“It is a great feeling to have such fantastic support and patience from all these stakeholders during this transitional phase. Everyone is doing their part to help maintain the daily productivity of the markets while collaborating with us to achieve the best result possible for the roofing project.” Barry said.

“We are also excited to announce that a 2,500m2 phase two extension to the phase one roof works is now signed off, taking the total area of this project to over 10,500m2.”

Phase 2 (highlighted in red in the model pictured above) works are planned to commence in mid-February.