Wiley to deliver Cerebos a modern, future-focussed logistics solution

Wiley are proud to announce they have signed a contract with Cerebos Australia to expand and refurbish their 9400 m²  warehouse at Seven Hills in Sydney.

This $8 million upgrade provides Cerebos with a larger, optimised warehouse space which will address the current logistics, storage and safety issues.

Wiley’s Business Development Director Andrew Newby said Cerebos is a long-term partner and client who contacted us looking to establish early certainty in the delivery of their project.

“We worked closely with them to discover and design a modern, future-focussed logistics solution.” Andrew explained, “A significant consideration when planning for the delivery of the upgrade and expansion elements was minimising disruption to the existing product flows.”

Stratos Stefanidis, Engineering & Process Excellence Manager (ANZ) for Cerebos said, “We chose Wiley, for their open, collaborative approach. We required a company who could work closely with the Cerebos team to ensure a more tailored solution was developed.”

Wiley has now entered the construction and delivery phase of the project with completion set for the end of October 2014.